Our Passion


 For many years Laura was the co-owner and the public relations director of a distinguished event venue in Belgrano, Buenos Aires where she also managed the catering service.​Carola was the owner of "Empanadas Carola" and has served delicious Argentine meals for families and companies in San Diego, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas since 2010.

​"They catered our wedding of 150 people and it was amazing! They made empanadas, as well as some 'American' and Italian dishes that we wanted. They handled everything and did a great job, no problems at all. From the appetizer service, dinner, desserts, and even homemade pizza late in the night after everyone had been drinking and dancing all night.... 

Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from a big family with great appetite, Carola and Laura Gomez moved to San Diego with their families and worked in various jobs for years always maintaining at home the tradition and tastes of their place of origin. Patagonia Catering’s (former MarDelSis) idea started from their eagerness to share the memories of their delicious home made family meals.​

The Experts